UltraFLEXplus  Test System 


Introducing UltraFLEXplus, the newest member of the UltraFLEX family.

UltraFLEXplus  brings the new, revolutionary PACETM architecture to bear on emerging digital test challenges. At the same time, users can install the latest IG-XL release on any UltraFLEX test system, and write test programs in such a way that they can run on both the UltraFLEX or UltraFLEXplus.

UltraFLEX Family of Test Systems


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  • Challenge: Increased Amounts of Data

    Test characterization and production data volumes are overwhelming current tester architectures resulting in extended development cycles and longer production test times.

  • Solution: Innovative PACE Architecture

    The UltraFLEXplus?is built around the innovative PACETM architecture. PACETM delivers:

    • Distributed instrument controllers for fast hardware setup
    • Dedicated high speed data links
    • Completely backgrounded results readback and processing in a dedicated bank of server-class processors

    The PACETM architecture includes revolutionary, patented technology that enables test engineers to debug and characterize complex devices far more efficiently, delivering new products to market faster with less engineering effort and better tester utilization.

  • IG-XL Software for UltraFLEX Family

    Next-generation test technology should not require users to change tester software.? IG-XL is consistently the top-rated software in an independent survey of ATE users. Teradyne has also maintained test program compatibility within the UltraFLEX family to make the adoption of UltraFLEXplus as easy and seamless as possible. Only Teradyne provides its' users the ability to:

    • Re-use every test library and all the EDA-to-ATE links already in place for the UltraFLEX
    • Run the same test program on any UltraFLEX or UltraFLEXplus
    • Install the latest IG-XL release on any UltraFLEX ever made, regardless of what instruments are in the tester

    No other ATE manufacturer provides this level of long-term software support and test program compatibility.

    Why IG-XL?

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    • IG-XL has been the #1 customer-rated ATE software for the last 7 years
    • IG-XL is already in use at 92% of major IC makers
    • There are 10,000 active IG-XL programmers
    • Teradyne trains 1,000 new test engineers on IG-XL every year