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  • Digital / Mixed Signal

    teradyne-semicon-1200mm-coffee.jpg Teradyne’s test platforms, the UltraFLEX, UltraFLEXplus, and J750, provide the power and precision needed as well as the test speed and coverage to optimally serve the broad range of testing needs for the Digital/Mixed Signal Market. From digital devices, which include the most complex and high-value semiconductors, to mixed-signal SoC devices at the core of mobile devices and game consoles—Teradyne is the tester of choice for the Digital/Mixed Signal market.

  • Linear, Power & Automotive

    teradyne-semicon-1200mm-car.jpgAnalog and power electronics require test solutions that are flexible and powerful enough to cover the range of power management systems they control—from mobile devices to electric vehicles. Teradyne’s Eagle, J750 and FLEX platforms deliver high-performance and cost-efficient test solutions for this market.

  • Microcontroller / Image Sensor / LCD Driver

    teradyne-semicon-1200mm-virtualreality.jpgWith the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market, microcontrollers have become an even higher-volume component of the semiconductor market. Image sensors are being used in an increasingly wide variety of applications, including digital cameras, cars and mobile and wearable devices. Teradyne has two platforms to cost-effectively meet your test needs.?

  • Memory

    Tablet-287x247-Teradyne.pngMemory is divided into two main camps: DRAM and Flash. DRAM is used in computing devices and graphics adaptors, while Flash is used as a storage media in mobile devices and solid-state drive devices. Teradyne provides complete coverage for testing of all memory devices with the highest parallelism and lowest cost of test.

    - ideal for testing low-speed DRAM and flash memory

    UltraFLEX-M?- designed for testing high-speed DRAM devices

  • RF / Wireless

    teradyne-semicon-1200mm-runner.jpgMobile access is becoming an increasing expectation as a part of everyday life, and Teradyne is the leader in RF test for both cellular and wi-fi capabilities.

  • System Level Test (SLT)

    Semiconductor components continue to grow in complexity as process nodes shrink.? IC designers are now designing complete System-on-Chip (SoC) products that contain processor, A/D and D/A converter, digital I/O, modem and/or other IP blocks along with embedded software.? Utilizing System Level Testing (SLT) as a third test process, following wafer and package test, enables the component manufacturer to test software and validate connections between IP blocks in a manner that isn’t otherwise practical.? This in turn results in the ability to meet end customer failure rate requirements measured in parts per billion as required, for example, in automotive applications.

    TITAN is Teradyne’s solution to this growing System Level Test requirement.

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