Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) offer increased efficiency and rapid return on investment by automating material handling and transportation in your facility. They are safe, easy to deploy and free employees from dull, dangerous and dirty logistics tasks.

In 2018, Teradyne acquired MiR, the leading supplier of collaborative AMRs for industrial and commercial applications.

MiR’s collaborative mobile robots allow you to quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage internal logistics. These robots are safe, flexible and user-friendly.

Innovative technology and sophisticated software allow MiR robots to autonomously maneuver around obstacles. When the robot meets an obstacle, it automatically moves around it and redirects the route to avoid stopping or delaying the delivery of materials. Advanced navigation also enables the robot to choose the most effective route to the destination.

Using the intuitive interface, MiR robots can be programmed without prior experience. The programming process can be controlled by smartphone, tablet or computer – whichever method you prefer. MiR robots can be integrated into your existing ERP system for fully automated solutions or with other MiR robots, so that different robots can be controlled in the same fleet.

MiR robots lower the barrier for companies to automate their operations without the need to redefine the existing workflow or hire specialty staff. By eliminating these needs, MiR offers a fast return on investment, with payback in as little as one year.

With a range of autonomous mobile robots that address a range of low- to mid-payload tasks, MiR has a solution that meets your need.

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